The British Columbia Radiological Society (BCRS) is a non-profit organization that represents the Radiologists who practice in the province of British Columbia.

The BCRS supports its membership to advance the art and science of radiology within the province. Specifically, the BCRS promotes:

  • The highest quality diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services for the residents of British Columbia through advocacy, education and multidisciplinary;
  • Ethical and educational standards of the profession;
  • Occupational welfare and interests of all practicing radiologists.

Core Business

Practice Support

The administration of the BCRS is led by the Executive Director who is responsible for not only the day-to-day operations but to develop and implement the Society’s strategic plan in consultation with the Executive Council and represent the BCRS to its stakeholders. 

BCRS members are also supported by the Professional Relations Coordinator whose role is to assist the Executive with the regular administration and membership needs of the organization including managing a successful membership recruitment and retention strategy as well as continuing professional development opportunities. 

Both of these contracted staff positions are a significant asset and resource to the BCRS. A more engaged, organized, pro-active, prepared, and well-researched organization headed by professionals is a cornerstone to our continued success. 

Patient and Professional Advocacy 

The BCRS has established a Communications Committee as an integral function, to lead the development and to support the implementation of the Society’s annual strategic communication plan. The Committee takes an active role in the monitoring of issues/opportunities contributing to the development of position papers, media releases and other timely, strategic communications as required. The communication plan will include both proactive and reactive elements, and has been broadly divided into internal versus external communications i.e. communication within organization from the Board to the members versus communication from the BCRS to the public. 

Strategic Planning 

The BCRS developed and implemented the first strategic plan in 2009 that set the direction and provided an organizational roadmap that focused the efforts, resources, time and energy of the Executive team with measured successes. Strategic planning remains to be an important organizational tool that keeps the BCRS focused on issues and opportunities that create the best value and return on investment for our members. 

Continuing Medical Education (CME) 

The Programs Committee oversees the BCRS’s interests and activities related to continuing medical education, accreditation, certification, credentialing and quality assurance. When there are training standards in place, we do our best to offer members an opportunity to complete the required training locally. If training standards are not currently available in BC or Canada, then the BCRS will work with the BC College, DAP, Doctors of BC and Ministry of Health to establish provincial standards. Since 2009, the BCRS has offered over 23 accredited CME opportunities to our members from a half-day program to multi-day simulation workshops that are linked to certification and credentialing. The BCRS plans to grow this value-added membership component in the future by offering online learning and webinars. 

Executive Team


President Elect Dr Charlotte Yong-Hing BC Cancer Vancouver

Dr Charlotte Yong-Hing

BC Cancer Vancouver

Past President

President Dr Simon Bicknell Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver

Dr Simon Bicknell

Lions Gate Hospital

President Elect

Dr Brenda Farnquist

Kelowna General Hospital


Dr Yume Kohno

Cowichan District Hospital, Duncan


Dr Patrick Vos

St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver


Dr Paul Trepanier

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital 


Dr Alison Harris

Vancouver General Hospital 

Community Practice Rep

Dr Paul Kurkjian

Kelowna General Hospital 

Programs Chair

Dr Silvia Chang

Vancouver General Hospital

Quality Rep

Dr Martin Arrigan

Richmond Hospital

Academic Rep

Dr Monty Martin

BC Cancer Vancouver 

Breast, Gyne/Obstetrical (BGO) Rep

Dr. Valerie Astrope

North Island Hospital Comox Valley


Dr Blake Jamieson

Ridge Meadows Hospital, Maple Ridge

Resident Members

Dr Csilla Egri – Senior Rep
Dr James Nugent – Junior Rep

UBC Radiology Residency Program 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Rep

Dr Wan Wan Yap

Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre

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