The Value of Radiology


Awareness-raising campaign to inform public of vital role of radiologists

Radiologists play a pivotal role in patient care; however, there are still many people who don’t know this, especially among the general public. In order to raise awareness, the CAR is launching the “#iamyourradiologist” campaign on November 8 – the International Day of Radiology. The goal is to help the public understand who radiologists are, what they do, and the value they contribute to patient care.


As part of this campaign, the CAR has created the Who are radiologists and how do they help patients infographic poster, which is being distributed to major hospitals and centres throughout Canada. We are asking those who receive it to post this infographic in a medical imaging waiting room in their facility or centre.

Social Media

The CAR has also developed a digital version of this infographic, which is posted on the CAR website, and will be used regularly on the CAR’s social media channels. Members wishing to partake in this social media campaign should “like”, “repost”, or “retweet” messages from the CAR’s Twitter and Facebook pages: @CARadiologists.

Members can also post pictures of themselves with this poster on their personal pages and tag them with #iamyourradiologist and @CARadiologists. Using these will help the increase the effectiveness of everyone’s individual posts.

Background – The Value of Radiology in Canada report

This infographic poster is a simplified and distilled version of a report released in January 2017 by the Conference Board of Canada entitled Value of Radiology in Canada. This report documents pressures on the health system and how radiology can help find solutions. Case study examples based on breast cancer screening, teleradiology, and interventional radiology were used to begin to quantify the value of radiology and to show cost-shifting.
Value of Radiology Report

Copies of poster

Additional copies of the poster are available for free to CAR members, or for $20 dollars to non-members. This fee covers shipping costs.

Other formats

The document is also available as:

  1. a digital file which can be posted on hospital websites
  2. a 11×17 file which can be printed and posted in waiting rooms, or used for meetings with MPs
  3. as segmented digital components, which can be used on their own on social media

If you would like to order any of the above-listed formats of this infographic, or would like more information, email us at

Next steps

The CAR intends to develop other posters to further inform the public on:

  • interventional radiology
  • radiation safety
  • breast imaging

If you’d like to help develop content for these posters, please contact Natalie St. Pierre, Manager of Communications, at

We hope that through this campaign, radiologists will be better seen, heard, and understood. We greatly appreciate your help in making this campaign a success.

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