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8th International Day of Radiology – November 8, 2019

A Focus on Sports Imaging.

Radiologists are the physician specialists who interpret x-rays, ultrasounds, CT, MR , nuclear medicine and PET scans, and who also perform interventional procedures such as biopsies and image guided catheter based treatments for cancer. This November 8th is the International Day of Radiology, and highlighted this year is Sports Imaging. Radiologists and imaging technologists play a central role in diagnosis and treatment of injuries occurring in all sports and activities, in professional and elite amateur athletes, but most commonly in members of the general public. Whether an ankle fracture from skiing, tennis elbow, a torn knee meniscus from soccer, or one of the countless other injuries we encounter, Radiologists are available at all times to assist in patient care and help you get back to your activity. Please enjoy the accompanying material which provides further details on how Radiologists are here to help.

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