We are a non-profit professional organization representing radiologists who practice in British Columbia.


COVID-19 has caused tremendous shifts and changes in all radiologists practices throughout this province including both hospital and community clinics. Most outpatient imaging at the hospitals have now been limited and the volumes at clinics are likewise reduced. The BCRS is doing our best to help our members and stakeholders navigate these unchartered waters.

Latest News

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April 2, 2020 Universal precautions should be taken to protect health care workers from infection or disease spread during breast[...]
BC Cancer Breast Tumour Group Biopsy Marker Clip Recommendation
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Did you know?

A radiologist is a physician who has at least 13 years of post secondary training.  These doctors have trained for at least four years in the speciality of diagnostic radiology after obtaining his or her MD. The training includes the modalities of  radiography (“plain” X-ray images), ultrasound, CT and MRI. Some radiologists may also obtain training in Interventional Radiology or Nuclear medicine.