VRCI is a group of 29 radiologists providing Radiology and Nuclear Medicine services with multiple partner organizations in the Greater Victoria area, British Columbia, including Island Health, BC Cancer and West Coast Medical Imaging.

Our Nuclear Medicine Team consists of 5 dual trained physicians FRCPC certified in both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine who participate both in general radiology portion of our practice, as well as dedicated rotations in general nuclear medicine and therapy in Island Health
and PET/CT interpretation for BCCA Victoria.

Our referral base exceeds 800,000 people, and we provide all the diagnostic imaging services for the greater Victoria area in British Columbia, Canada. This includes image interpretation and image guided interventional procedures at 6 Island Health sites, 2 private imaging facilities, and BCCA Victoria.

We are also an active teaching site for the UBC Nuclear Medicine Program, and occasionally host senior Nuclear Medicine residents for one month community rotations.

Scope of General Nuclear Medicine Practice:

  • Coverage of 5 gamma cameras providing a range of studies
  • Cardiac myocardial perfusion image interpretation (stress supervision performed by internal medicine)
  • l131 therapies for benign indications and thyroid cancer (could be retrained on site)
  • Radium 223 Xofigo therapy consultations (plans to expand to Lu-177 PSMA soon)

Scope of PET Practice:

  • 25 FDG-PET/CT cases per day for oncologic indications
  • Plans to expand to include Ga-68 PSMA and DOTATOC PET in the next 12-18 months.
  • Workload on a daytime PET rotation is 15 cases, with adjustment for rounds commitments.
  • Additional PET volume is read on diagnostic radiology and Nuclear Medicine shifts as part of work productivity expectations.

Scope of General Radiology Practice:

We recognize that some candidates may be coming from a center where their scope of practice is narrower outside of Nuclear Medicine. Our Nuclear Medicine physicians operate on a variety of clinical rotations outside of Nuclear Medicine for approximately 50-60% of their shifts and
participate in Radiology call. We are open to retraining candidates in some areas of radiology practice they are less comfortable with on the job if they are motivated.

Prospective radiologists should be comfortable providing general radiology level of interpretation in radiography, ultrasound, CT and MRI.

Basic procedural competence in non-vascular image guided interventions is an asset, or a willingness to retrain in some of these skills on the job.

All successful candidates must have:

  • FRCPC Certification in Diagnostic Radiology
  • FRCPC Certification in Nuclear Medicine
  • Eligible for full licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

Work expectations:

  • Participation in after-hours call coverage (approximately 12 weekends per year and 20 weeknights per year)
  • 10 weeks vacation guaranteed for associate members.
  • Participation in a subset of multidisciplinary clinical rounds targeted to area(s) of subspecialty expertise.

How to apply?

Please send a CV and letter of intent to Dr. James Curtis, Medical Lead for Nuclear Medicine.
[email protected]

We also have a website that has more details on our group and the structure of our practice and

Successful prior applicants often choose to try us out first with a one- or two-week locum. This is a great way to better understand our operation and see if our group culture and work dynamic are a good fit for you. If you would consider this, please indicate this in your communications so we can discuss availabilities.

If you are FRCPC certified in Radiology and have not yet completed your Nuclear Medicine training, we would like to hear from you as well. We can schedule you for a Radiology locum if interested during your NM fellowship training, which should give you a good feel for our group.

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