The BC Radiological Society is proud to share the news that people in BC now have access to mammography using Tomosynthesis. The use of mammography using Tomosynthesis is a proven technology that has the potential to detect cancer earlier.

Early detection saves lives by detecting cancers when they are small and have not yet spread through the body. Early detection allows less toxic, gentler therapies to be used – less extensive surgery and the use of drugs and treatments that have fewer and less severe side effects.

This is a significant step forward for breast health in BC and we would like to thank all people who were part of this incredible accomplishment. The people who wrote letters to your local MLAs, the MLAs who spoke on behalf of the public, the Ministry of Health, Doctors of BC, Hologic, Dr. Yong-Hing and the Radiologist members of the BC Radiological Society. A special thank you is extended to the BC Health Critic, the Honourable Shirley Bond, who worked tirelessly to advocate on behalf of people in BC.

Thank you to everyone who continues to help us advocate for better access to Medical Imaging in British Columbia. 

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