Thanking our Radiologists

In hospitals and community clinics across the province, COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shift in the way we practice.  As a safety precaution, most outpatient imaging at the hospitals have now been limited and the volumes at clinics are likewise reduced.

To our Radiologists and their front line colleagues dealing with this crisis day in and day out, BCRS thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

What is BCRS doing? 

BCRS is working around the clock to help our members and stakeholders navigate these uncharted waters.  We play an active part in top level meetings to produce practical and efficient guidelines on patient screening and enhanced sterilization.

This is a team effort. We applaud the rapid coordination between the health authorities, the government and all the regulatory bodies who are providing critical support and guidance to medical professionals in British Columbia.

How Can I Help?

Get educated: Read our  Essential Information section below for the most important, accurate, and up-to-date COVID-19 resources to keep your team and your patients safe.

​Continuing Medical Education: Plan to attend upcoming CME events that address COVID-19 and other critical issues facing the medical community during this unusual time. 

​Become a Member: Join a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to improving the lives of Radiologists in BC.

Essential Information

Radiologists have a key leadership role in managing resources during this crisis, so it’s important that you’re working with the most up to date information. BCRS is here to support you with the most accurate and up-to-date guidelines to keep your team and your patients as safe as possible.

Latest COVID-19 News

BCRS is dedicated to keeping you informed with the most current and relevant information to keep you and your team safe during this pandemic.

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